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FilmFilmide lĂ”putiitrites on terve hunnik minu jaoks tĂ€iesti mĂ”istetamatuid lĂŒhendeid ja vĂ€ljendeid. Pakuvad huvi, aga mitte piisavalt, et ise kusagilt netist otsida.

MĂ”ni filmidele ja filmindusele pĂŒhendunud blogi saaks siit materjali terve hunniku postituste jaoks.

MÔned nÀited vÀljenditest, mida ma ei mÔista: ASC, CSA, Best Boy, Key Grip, ADR Mixer, jne.

Kindlasti ei ole ma ainuke rumal ja niisugusest selgitusest leiaksid huvitavat lugemist paljud.

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  2. Mina pole kordagi ĂŒhtegi neist vĂ€ljenditest kasutanud ega teagi mis tĂ€hendus neil on. Tavaliselt ĂŒtlen selgelt ja lihtsalt, et sitt film vĂ”i hea film ja ei mingid vÔÔrsĂ”nadest sigri-migrit.

    Best Boy ja Kay Grip – sounds gay to me.

    kirjutas Trash 29.06.2008 @ 17:03

  3. :) Niisuguseid vÀljendeid vÔib kohata ka mitte-pede ja koguperefilmide lÔputiitrites.

    kirjutas Aarne 29.06.2008 @ 18:44

  4. Ma ei viitsi sulle tÔlkima hakata. IMDb filmisÔnastikus on kÔik kirjas:

    American Society of Cinematographers, AKA: ASC
    An organization founded in 1919 and dedicated to advancing the art of cinematography through artistry and technological progress, to exchange ideas and to cement a closer relationship among cinematographers. Membership is international and by invitation based on an individual’s body of narrative filmwork. Use of the abbreviation ASC, e.g. for on-screen credits, indicates membership in the society. The society publishes “American Cinematographer” magazine.

    Casting Society of America, AKA: CSA
    The Casting Society of America is a professional organization of Casting Directors working in theatre, film, and television. The C.S.A. is not a union or a guild, therefore every Casting Director working in these mediums is not necessarily a member of this organization.

    Best Boy, AKA: Assistant Chief Lighting Technician, Best Boy Grip, Best Boy Electric
    The chief assistant, usually of the gaffer or key grip. In charge of the people and equipment, scheduling the required quantities for each day’s work. The term originates from promoting the crew’s ‘best boy’ to supervising, allowing the gaffer and key grip to stay on set and carry out the cameraman’s lighting needs. The origin of the term is from “pre-union” filming days when the line between Grip and Electric departments was less rigid. When the head of either department needed another body temporarily, he’d go to the head of the other department and ask him to “lend me your BEST boy”. By default the 2nd in charge of either department came to be known as best-boy. This term may also have been borrowed from early sailing and whaling crews, as sailors were often employed to set up and work rigging in theatres. There are no “best girls” per se; female chief assistants are also called “Best Boys”.

    Key Grip, AKA: Key-Grip
    The chief of a group of grips, often doubling for a construction co-ordinator and a backup for the camera crew, that also moves a dolly. Key grips work closely with the gaffer.

    Automated Dialogue Replacement Mixer, AKA:Automatic Dialogue Replacement Mixer, ADR Mixer
    The person who mixes the sound during Automated Dialogue Replacement.


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